J K Lightwala has over fifteen  years  experience  working with the business management  consulting companies from small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) to multi-millions dollar transnational corporations. His ability to understand the complexities  of  doing business in  the  global market grows out  of years of  experience  working in and with the international business operations management consulting of high technology, consumer products and agribusiness related firms in the Europe, Asia, Africa and Middle East. As an outgrowth of his extensive in-country experience, he is well versed in achieving success developing business opportunities in a wide range of culturally diverse environments. His consultative advice is guide by a clear understanding of the changing patterns of trade and industrial organization that has accompanied the globalization of industry since 2006.

Having spent many years working as a Consulting Director with large Investment banks such as Abn Amro Bank, HSBC, CITIBANK, RBP , AXIOS CREDIT BANK etc . He has extensive experience of the Business Management/ Project